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The Introverted, Insane Thoughts From A Woman Surviving In A Non-Mode Nation

I am a devout Depeche Mode Devotee....yesterday, today and tomorrow...forever.

Wisdom of ages, rush over me
Montgomery Clift is the most beautiful man that has ever walked this Earth ---- his gorgeousness cannot be fully articulated....it just is! Monty is the most painfully gorgeous man I have ever seen, his beauty is unbearable...I can't look away from him. I am obsessed with Mr. Clift!

I live my life for the feelings that emanate from the greatest band in the world...Depeche Mode. I am addicted. I am a Moder living in a non-Mode nation. I'm outta control with my obsession...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Depeche Mode is my life, they are my obsession, my passion, my blood, my breath...they are what keeps me living in this sad world. Dave Gahan is my dream man - complex, passionate, deep, dark, funny, sexy, intelligent, spiritual, rebellious, sweet, kind hearted, creative, artistic, beautiful, handsome, caring, emotional...and he moves his hips like I've never seen a man move his hips before! I love this man.

My love also goes out to Andrew Fletcher, my gingerbread man whom is the glue of DM; Martin Lee Gore who is the poetic blond floof of a God; Alan Charles Wilder who is the genius Vodka man whom I adore.

My secret fantasy, well it's not so secret anymore ;)...I believe that in a parallel universe Martin and David are madly in love with one another - Dave is able to admit it and show his love but Marty is not....but he is absolutely besotted with Dave. Yes, you may laugh...but I only speak the truth - that is if we were in a parallel universe! ;)

What would you like to know about me?

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